Melissa and Steve Found Love at Bridie Molloy's

Starting 2019 with Love: Melissa and Steve

Melissa is has a unique relationship with Bridie Molloy’s that goes beyond just meeting her love here, she is a former employee! As a former server at Bridie Molloy’s she met hundreds of lads, but it seems that there was really only one that caught her eye.

To be fair, Melissa says that prior to dating Steve she hadn’t given the idea of dating Steve any thought. In fact, she had a rule: “don’t date customers or coworkers.” Steve was indeed a customer, and in Melissa’s words, he was a “super” regular.

While Melissa may have had rules about dating, Steve did not have any rules against asking his favorite bartender for her number. As soon as he did the word spread through the Bridie Molloy’s staff like wildfire. Melissa believes that it is possible that the entire staff knew that he had made his move before she had finished writing her phone number.

The entire team and Bridie Molloy’s seemed to know a good thing when they saw it and encouraged Melissa to take a chance on Steve. It has been seven years and it seems that taking the chance was the right decision. The two are very in love and have a special place for Bridie Molloy’s in their heart.

Congratulations to Melissa and Steve! We are so happy that you found love at Bridie Molloy’s.

Starting 2019 With Love: Dakota & Steven

Our next story of love comes from a couple who held their engagement party at The Celtic Hearth. The couple, Dakota and Steven Norris, have a had a relationship that might just sound like the plot of a romantic comedy. With twist, turns, blanket forts, and all.

Steven and Dakota Norris celebrating their engagement party

Steven and Dakota met the way so many people do these days, online in Frebruary 2017. While they had a pleasant conversation they didn’t exactly click. There may not have been fireworks, the two continued to share time together and talk. And talk, and talk, and talk until five months had passed. They talked so freely to one another, even about their dates with other people, that after those five months had passed they decided to rent an apartment together. After all, they had both realized that they were indeed best friends.

It is true that they were indeed best friends, but even before they moved in together Dakota realized that she had deep feelings for Steven. Even Steven knew this! Yet, the two still moved in and embarked on what might have become a sticky situation. Luckily, Steven too had realized that he was indeed in love with his best friend and asked Dakota to be his girlfriend in their first week of becoming roommates.

The new couple’s romance took off and in the whirlwind, there were flowers and home-cooked dinners, outings to the movies, and cuddles under their blanket fort with cheese and wine. In January 2017, nearly a year after they first met, Steven proposed at the top of the stairs on Columbus drive. Through tears of joy, Dakota said yes.

In a fashion that is true to them, Steven and Dakota said their vows in June 2018, just six months after they became engaged and one year after they became roommates.

Steve and Dakota, we are so happy that you chose to have your engagement party with us and made us part of your story. We wish you the best and a lifetime of happiness!

Starting 2019 with Love: Brandon & Kiersten

Brandon and Kiersten

Brandon and Kiersten first met three and a half years ago during the summer of 2015. Kiersten was home in Newfoundland on a college break, but had plans to return to school in Ontario once the break was over. Brandon was also on a short visit to Newfoundland that summer, as he was visiting from Labrador for a few weeks. It was in this small window of time that Brandon and Kiersten crossed paths, and although they were both heading in other directions they knew they had something special. Their first date resulted in a 14 hour conversation, and they have been together ever since.

While the distance between them was great, they showed the strength it takes to keep a relationship going early on. Within weeks of meeting, Brandon drove across five provinces to see Kiersten just to see Kiersten as much as he could. However, Brandon’s long journey’s to visit Kiersten were abruptly curtailed when he endured a workplace accident that left him in the hospital for a month.

At the time no one was sure if Brandon would walk again. If there was any silver lining to such a terrible accident, it was that it took place at the end of Kiersten’s Spring semester and she was able to come home for the Summer to be with Brandon as he went through months of physiotherapy and progressed from using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. They spent as much time together as possible, but at the end of the summer Kiersten had to return to Ontario to complete her final school year.

While Kiersten was at school Brandon continued his journey towards recovery. He worked very hard and by the time Kiersten was ready to graduate in the following Spring Brandon had made enough progress to be cleared for work. After two years of a long distance relationship and a difficult trauma, the two finally found themselves together.

In the three and a half years Brandon and Kiersten know what it is like to have a relationship be put to many tests, but Kiersten says “the love we share truly makes it worth it and at the end of the day, through everything we end up facing together and separately, we know we have each other’s backs. We are very fortunate for each other.”

In the midst of their journey, The Celtic Hearth has always been a place for them to relax and savor the little moments they have together. They are still separated often due to work place travel, but when the two are together a date at The Celtic Hearth is always on the agenda.

Starting 2019 with Love: Cindy and Ryan Simmons

Our third story of love found at The Celtic Hearth or Bridie Molloy’s comes from Ryan and Cindy Simmons. Cindy and Ryan’s love story starts in 2008 with Ryan being a chivalrous young man and offering to make sure his wife-to-be made her way safely home. As Cindy shares:

11 years ago my now husband and I went on our first unofficial date. We saw a play downtown with a few of my friends and ended our night at Bridie Molloy’s.

That night as my friends were figuring out rides, Ryan declined an offer as he was good to drive and was taking me to my house. The rest, as they say, is history. 11 years later we still visit The Celtic Hearth and Bridie Molloy’s for our anniversary.

Two years ago when we finally married we held a small reception at The Celtic Hearth. The photos from that day are amazing we will always cherish forever Bridie Molloy’s and The Celtic Hearth.

A big thank to Ryan and Cindy for holding their reception and sharing their story with us!

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Mary and Andy at The Celtic Hearth

Starting 2019 With Love Contest: Mary and Andy Lock

Our second couple of the year comes from Mary and Andy Locke! Mary sent us this lovely email.

My husband and I went on our first date at The Celtic Hearth.  We have a special booth that we would go back to on our date nights and reserve our spot before hand.  It’s the booth by the kitchen in the corner.  Nice and quiet.  

We had a date night planned on October 27th, 2017.  On our date night, the server offered us a bottle of champagne for being the 100th customer of the day as a special promotion!  Next thing I knew, my
husband (Andy) was on one knee and asked me to marry him.  He had called the manager earlier in the week and explained what he was planning.  They figured that telling me it was a promotion I wouldn’t figure out what was about to happen, and there would be champagne on the table for when he asked me.  Of course I said yes!!!  And the server gave us a celebration cheesecake that said congratulations.

Once we picked a date for the wedding, a year to the day, we return to the scene of the crime for pictures.  Our huge bridal party piled into The Celtic Hearth for pictures and some sociables.  

The Celtic Hearth will always be special to us.  It’s where we had our first date, many date nights, got engaged, and had our wedding pictures.  We love this place!  

Mary and Andy Locke

We are so happy to hear such a sweet story from you Mary! Thank you for being a great member of The Celtic Hearth family!

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