Melissa and Steve Found Love at Bridie Molloy's

Starting 2019 with Love: Melissa and Steve

Melissa is has a unique relationship with Bridie Molloy’s that goes beyond just meeting her love here, she is a former employee! As a former server at Bridie Molloy’s she met hundreds of lads, but it seems that there was really only one that caught her eye.

To be fair, Melissa says that prior to dating Steve she hadn’t given the idea of dating Steve any thought. In fact, she had a rule: “don’t date customers or coworkers.” Steve was indeed a customer, and in Melissa’s words, he was a “super” regular.

While Melissa may have had rules about dating, Steve did not have any rules against asking his favorite bartender for her number. As soon as he did the word spread through the Bridie Molloy’s staff like wildfire. Melissa believes that it is possible that the entire staff knew that he had made his move before she had finished writing her phone number.

The entire team and Bridie Molloy’s seemed to know a good thing when they saw it and encouraged Melissa to take a chance on Steve. It has been seven years and it seems that taking the chance was the right decision. The two are very in love and have a special place for Bridie Molloy’s in their heart.

Congratulations to Melissa and Steve! We are so happy that you found love at Bridie Molloy’s.

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