Starting 2019 With Love: Dakota & Steven

Our next story of love comes from a couple who held their engagement party at The Celtic Hearth. The couple, Dakota and Steven Norris, have a had a relationship that might just sound like the plot of a romantic comedy. With twist, turns, blanket forts, and all.

Steven and Dakota Norris celebrating their engagement party

Steven and Dakota met the way so many people do these days, online in Frebruary 2017. While they had a pleasant conversation they didn’t exactly click. There may not have been fireworks, the two continued to share time together and talk. And talk, and talk, and talk until five months had passed. They talked so freely to one another, even about their dates with other people, that after those five months had passed they decided to rent an apartment together. After all, they had both realized that they were indeed best friends.

It is true that they were indeed best friends, but even before they moved in together Dakota realized that she had deep feelings for Steven. Even Steven knew this! Yet, the two still moved in and embarked on what might have become a sticky situation. Luckily, Steven too had realized that he was indeed in love with his best friend and asked Dakota to be his girlfriend in their first week of becoming roommates.

The new couple’s romance took off and in the whirlwind, there were flowers and home-cooked dinners, outings to the movies, and cuddles under their blanket fort with cheese and wine. In January 2017, nearly a year after they first met, Steven proposed at the top of the stairs on Columbus drive. Through tears of joy, Dakota said yes.

In a fashion that is true to them, Steven and Dakota said their vows in June 2018, just six months after they became engaged and one year after they became roommates.

Steve and Dakota, we are so happy that you chose to have your engagement party with us and made us part of your story. We wish you the best and a lifetime of happiness!

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