Starting 2019 with Love: Brandon & Kiersten

Brandon and Kiersten

Brandon and Kiersten first met three and a half years ago during the summer of 2015. Kiersten was home in Newfoundland on a college break, but had plans to return to school in Ontario once the break was over. Brandon was also on a short visit to Newfoundland that summer, as he was visiting from Labrador for a few weeks. It was in this small window of time that Brandon and Kiersten crossed paths, and although they were both heading in other directions they knew they had something special. Their first date resulted in a 14 hour conversation, and they have been together ever since.

While the distance between them was great, they showed the strength it takes to keep a relationship going early on. Within weeks of meeting, Brandon drove across five provinces to see Kiersten just to see Kiersten as much as he could. However, Brandon’s long journey’s to visit Kiersten were abruptly curtailed when he endured a workplace accident that left him in the hospital for a month.

At the time no one was sure if Brandon would walk again. If there was any silver lining to such a terrible accident, it was that it took place at the end of Kiersten’s Spring semester and she was able to come home for the Summer to be with Brandon as he went through months of physiotherapy and progressed from using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. They spent as much time together as possible, but at the end of the summer Kiersten had to return to Ontario to complete her final school year.

While Kiersten was at school Brandon continued his journey towards recovery. He worked very hard and by the time Kiersten was ready to graduate in the following Spring Brandon had made enough progress to be cleared for work. After two years of a long distance relationship and a difficult trauma, the two finally found themselves together.

In the three and a half years Brandon and Kiersten know what it is like to have a relationship be put to many tests, but Kiersten says “the love we share truly makes it worth it and at the end of the day, through everything we end up facing together and separately, we know we have each other’s backs. We are very fortunate for each other.”

In the midst of their journey, The Celtic Hearth has always been a place for them to relax and savor the little moments they have together. They are still separated often due to work place travel, but when the two are together a date at The Celtic Hearth is always on the agenda.

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